Making Noise - NSPCC and University of Bedfordshire

Making Noise - University of Bedfordshire & NSPCC

We were commissioned by the NSPCC and University of Bedford to produce a short film which helped to communicate children's experiences of the child protection system. The film was made to support a report commissioned by the Children's Commissioner for England. We were originally asked to produce a live action film, but after working with an advisory group of children and young people, the film was developed into an animation. We worked with the young people to identify the most powerful quotes acquired in the research team's interviews with children and young people in the child protection system.  We used the young people's ideas to create visuals that could work in the animation. We produced a script using the shortlisted testimonies, we cast the young voice actors, produced the recording session and edited the performances into the final track ready for animation. NSPCC brought the excellent animation company Fred and Eric on board to develop the visual concepts and animate. Soundtrack design by Aaron Lampert.